On recycling

Our ongoing fundraising effort involves collecting and selling aluminum cans. The redemption rate has decreased from 58 cents per pound to about 25 cents per pound, but we are still asking residents to save their aluminum cans for us. Even if we only get $50 or $60 per trip to the recycling center, this money helps pay for printing and postage and other expenses.

Since VENA began its program in January 1998 over two tons of aluminum cans have been collected and recycled. Since 1998 the recycling program has generated over $2800 of income to the organization.

There is a drop-off points for your alumninum: 8415 Vintage Drive in Vineyard III, If you would consider being a drop-off point for your subdivision, please let us know.

Thanks again to one and all who participate, especially those who act as a central spot for their neighborhood, and who actively solicit cans from their neighbors. Your contributions help the environment and your neighborhood. Way to go!

This effort is VENA's only fund-raising effort beyond the voluntary annual $20 dues.