Recognizing a neighborhood

The City of Albuquerque's Office of Neighborhood Coordination has a process for recognizing neighborhood associations. There is great value in having an association for your geographic area that is recognized by the City. You are providing official contacts for the City and others who are planning (or would like to plan!) changes in your area. As a practical matter, it is often easier to get the attention of the City or a builder if you are representing a recognized neighborhood or homeowner's association. Based on a City ordinance, the City and developers are required to contact recognized associations and work with them when changes are proposed. So it is highly recommended that neighbors create associations and become recognized by the City. The burden is not too great. You need to sign up your neighbors, create bylaws, and meet at least once per year in an advertised meeting to elect officers. You also must provide two officers of your association who will be the contacts for the City and developers.

neighborhood image